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Shane Davies is a digital marketing strategy expert. He helps B2B companies win the work they should be winning. He lives in Cottesloe, Western Australia with his wife and two daughters.
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Focus on a short term marketing plan for tough markets

When times are slow you need to ensure you create a clear marketing plan for tough markets. A good way to do this is to split the plan into short, medium and long term goals and targets. Review your marketing plan  Last ...
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How to sell Digital Marketing to your CEO

"It's not about what it's about, it's always about the people."  This is a great quote from American celeb. spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson. She couldn't be more right!  Marketing managers sometimes have a hard ...
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Generating leads at the top of your online sales funnel

Generating leads at the top of your online Sales Funnel is about undertaking activity to drive people to your website. Once there, you need them to take an action so you can capture the lead! This means asking them to ...
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13 reasons to hire a professional strategy facilitator

I’ve assembled this list of reasons you should hire a professional strategy facilitator because I know what works. I have seen internal facilitators come unstuck and teams waste whole days as a result.  Not to mention ...
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B2B Corporate brands are shortcuts to buying decisions

A valuable brand provides us with a shortcut to a buying decision. Are B2B corporate brands the last source of competitive advantage? It was either Robert Kapferer or Leslie de Chernatony who said “Brand is the last ...
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B2B marketing strategy doesn’t need to be complicated.

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4 broad types of b2b brand architecture explained

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Choosing an internal or external strategy facilitator

Strategy facilitators help teams develop great strategy for winning. When you’re deciding whether you should use an internal or external strategy facilitator consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. This ...
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A strategy day agenda for the lazy facilitator

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4 resources to help your B2B marketing in Perth

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