7 Ways to Generate More B2B Leads From Your Website

Let's face it, B2B leads are the lifeblood of your business. But generating more quality B2B leads in a world of self-educating buyers needs a system. You need a process for building trust online as well as getting found in the first place!

Get Visitors to Your Site

Getting found is half the battle. You can't generate a lead if they can't find you, so you should first focus on the activities that are going to get people to your site.

Here are 7 ways you can get more B2B leads from your...

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B2B Selling for CEO's who don't sell

As a B2B CEO your head is surely focused on things like revenue targets and business efficiency to improve the success of your company.  No doubt you're also looking to increase sales and probably have a significant percentage of revenue going to sales activities.  But do you truly understand your company's sales process and can you be sure it's effective?

To ensure you’re focusing on the right things and not wasting opportunities to win a sale you need to understand the modern B2B buying...

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5 ways to Segment Your Database for Email Marketing lead generation


If you’re an Australian B2B business that's not actively engaged in email marketing you’re missing out on B2B lead generation opportunities.

There is a lot of competition for your client’s inbox, and they will decide whether to open or delete your email in just a few seconds.

Customers like to be recognised as individuals and feel valued by your business. Sending out a monthly mass email is no longer enough. "Emails tailored to specific audiences get 50% more clicks than their counterparts."


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3 metrics for digital marketing success

For some B2B business leaders, digital marketing can seem mysterious and unpredictable. How do you know if it's working? And how do you track its progress?

The answer to these questions is in the metrics. The three key metrics every business leader needs to know are: 1. visitors, 2. leads and 3. customers.

Many B2B businesses only invest in marketing when there’s extra fat in the budget. However, digital marketing is now a critical piece of the B2B marketer's arsenal because it matches how...

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5 Reasons Your Business Goals Fail

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution only to have it fail miserably within the first month or even the first few months? Who hasn’t! Most people attribute this failure to ‘not following through’. While this is often true, could there be other reasons that resolutions (aka personal goals) for the new year fail?

One reason for goals failing is that they are poorly written or thought through. Studies show that people who make their goals explicit are actually 10 times more likely to achieve...

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Map your Buyer's Journey to win their Business

Face it: your buyer is in control. She’s smart, she knows what she wants or she knows how to find out what she needs. And all the information she requires is just a few clicks away.

So how you do you get yourself in the running to win her business?

Let’s assume you’ve already developed your Buyer's Persona. Now you know her as a person, the next step is to understand her journey to a purchase decision. knowing your buyer's journey is critical so you can map your online marketing accordingly...

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To win, understand your B2B customers as people

Understanding your target market is only part of the marketing equation. One to one B2B selling is about understanding your customers at a personal level. And now in the Google-first world, it’s what B2B marketing is all about too.

Segmenting is not enough

Imagine you’re a finance broker selling financial services. If for example, you’re in commercial property finance you're probably targeting a few customers - commercial property investors, property developers or even business owners looking...

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Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Plan?

Your marketing strategy and your marketing plan are not the same things. The marketing strategy answers the questions of when, where and how you should complete. The marketing plan, on the other hand, is an action document outlining the activity you are going to undertake and when.  Your marketing strategy informs and provides direction to the actions in the marketing plan.

B2B Marketing Strategy

The aim of the B2B marketing strategy is to define when, where and how you are going to win the...

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Creating a Brand DNA to win

"Get us more leads" ...this is the line we're often greeted with by prospective clients.

Our core goal as a B2B inbound marketing agency is to generate leads for our B2B clients. Creating a brand DNA is the first step toward this.  

To do a great job, you need to clearly understand your company's purpose, aspirations and values, and how they are going to position themselves to win relative to the competition. In short - you need to know your brand.

Don't talk about brand. Talk about winning


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Focus on a short term marketing plan for tough markets

When times are slow you need to ensure you create a clear marketing plan for tough markets. A good way to do this is to split the plan into short, medium and long term goals and targets.

Review your marketing plan 

Last year I was asked by a good friend who works for an equipment company to peer review a marketing plan that was put forward by another agency. The company was in a post-mining slowdown and needed sales fast.

While the marketing proposal was comprehensive, it did not address the...

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