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Shane Davies

Shane Davies
Shane Davies is a digital marketing strategy expert. He helps B2B companies win the work they should be winning. He lives in Cottesloe, Western Australia with his wife and two daughters.

Recent Posts

A Strategy Day Agenda for the Lazy Facilitator

17 December, 2016
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4 Resources to Help Your B2B Marketing in Perth

09 December, 2016
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Create a B2B Sales Process to Match Your Buyers

07 December, 2016
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14 B2B Buyer Statistics You Need to Know

22 November, 2016
It's critical to consider B2B buyer statistics and facts when developing a B2B digital marketing strategy. In Australia, understanding how ...
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Make Your Next Team Strategy Day Competitive

14 November, 2016
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Make a Team Strategy Exercise Work

28 October, 2016
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7 Steps to B2B Marketing Strategy Workshop Success

10 October, 2016
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Sample - How To Post

18 August, 2016
INTRODUCTION: Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps. Begin your ...
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7 Steps to Find Your Competitive Advantage and Your B2B Marketing Strategy

29 April, 2016
Creating a winning B2B marketing strategy is about having a competitive advantage and being able to communicate it. But how can you find ...
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5 Steps to Creating B2B Buyer Personas

18 April, 2016
Buyer B2B buying behaviour is changing at a pace never seen before. Your prospective buyers are researching you online and building trust ...
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