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Shane Davies

Shane Davies
Shane Davies is a digital marketing strategy expert. He helps B2B companies win the work they should be winning. He lives in Cottesloe, Western Australia with his wife and two daughters.

Recent Posts

8 Key Marketing Trends for WA Disability Support Providers in 2016

13 January, 2016
Stop Press! Your prospective customers will shopping for disability providers online in an NDIS world - so your website and online ...
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Buyer Profiles Are the Key to B2B Marketing Success

04 November, 2015
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Professional Services Selling - a New B2B Game.

14 September, 2015
  Mind the Gap in B2B marketing for Professional Services
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The Old Sales Funnel Is Dead. Long Live the Sales Funnel!

04 August, 2015
Your old sales funnel has gone. If you want to stay in the game it’s time to change, or you’ll find yourself going the way of the dodo... ...
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How I Become a Global Authority on Strategic Marketing - and You Can Too

25 May, 2015
Without wanting to 'blow my own trumpet' let me just say I’m a global authority on strategic marketing. But don’t just take my word for it, ...
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Team Strategy Day Success in 5 Steps

07 April, 2015
Let me guess: you've been commissioned to organise this year’s annual team strategy day? Maybe you're going to facilitate?
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3 Questions Strategic Marketers Get Asked About Strategic Marketing at BBQ's

10 March, 2015
I’m a Strategic Marketing Specialist, but try explaining that to people at a BBQ.
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Old Marketing Is Dead. Long Live Marketing

12 February, 2015
There’s one simple fact that has changed the way we market. Our buyers are self-educating online.
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7 Skills Every B2B Business Development Manager Needs

30 January, 2015
Ever hired a business development manager (BDM) and then had to let them go after 6 months? …You’re not alone. The world has changed and ...
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There's No Place for Snake Oil in B2B Business Development

07 January, 2015
While it’s often hard to define the edges of the BDM role in complex business markets, spotting a successful BDM  is easy. They’re leading ...
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