There's No Place for Snake Oil in B2B Business Development

07 January, 2015
While it’s often hard to define the edges of the BDM role in complex business markets, spotting a successful BDM  is easy. They’re leading ...
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The Case for Developing Market Strategy and Online Strategy Together

11 June, 2014
Try to develop a market strategy (to win competitive advantage) in 2014 without involving use of online channels or integrating the use of ...
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Why Brand Values Matter: The Case of Eich and Sterling

03 June, 2014
The recent kerfuffle and eventual sacking of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for his stance on gay marriage is an all too clear reminder that, ...
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Is Corporate Brand the Last Source of Unfair Advantage?

27 May, 2014
It was either Robert Kapferer or Leslie de Chernatony who said “Brand is the last remaining source of competitive advantage.” and it’s so ...
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Know Your Customers' Customers

08 September, 2013
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3 Reasons Business Customers Spill the Beans

06 August, 2013
Guaranteeing confidentiality in research interviews doesn't necessarily mean you won’t find out what your business customers have to say.
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Winning Conversations - 4 Questions to Ask Your Customers

15 March, 2013
  If you work in business and commercial markets and you want to find out how to beat your competitors speak with your customers, that’s ...
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Brand-driven Business

01 February, 2013
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Innovation Brands in High Growth Markets

23 September, 2012
Our latest presentation focuses on the importance of building brand equity in the growth phase of an industry's lifecycle.
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The Corporate Brand Audit

13 July, 2012
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